lundi 16 décembre 2013

RadioNL Top 1500: part 2

Last week, I communicated the first results of Radio NL Top 1500, a list of the "greatest Dutch songs of all time" (see news posted on December 11th, 2013). The second part of the Top 1500 features two classic hits performed by Bonnie St. Claire and José Hoebee: "Cassandra" and "Zoals Vrienden Doen" (The Way Old Friends Do). Other hits of Bonnie also appear in the list:
  • Bonnie St. Claire: De Roos (#715)
  • Bonnie St. ClaireSla Je Arm Om Me Heen (#561)
  • Bonnie & José: Cassandra (#427)
  • Bonnie & José: Zoals Vrienden Doen (#193)
To see the list (#800 to #1), click here

Source: RadioNL

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