jeudi 19 décembre 2013

Onno gate: funny infographic

The revelations about the privacy of Onno Hoes (the Mayor of Maastricht and Albert Verlinde's husband) have caused sensation in the Netherlands for two weeks. Every Dutch is talking about this touchy issue. This scandal is front-page news in the press and is popular on social networks. For example, #Onnogate is a trending topic on Twitter. Recently, Patty Brard interviewed Ruud Schepers, the 24-year-old man unfairly described as Onno's "toy boy" (see news posted on December 19th 2013). Since then another young man has claimed a relationship with Hoes after meeting him through gay geosocial networking application "Grindr". A picture of Hoes shirtless on the dating site has been revealed. Bernt Schneiders, Mayor of Haarlem and chairman of the Dutch mayors' association, told newspaper "Volkskrant" Hoes has overstepped the mark. 'A mayor has a public function and should set an example and show irreproachable behaviour. A kiss in public opens you up to criticism,' he said. With regard to Grindr, Schneiders said: 'You should not move in such circles. It exposes you to blackmail.'

A funny infographic posted on GlamOrama explains this crazy situation and the love/hate relationships between the protagonists of the story (Hoes, the Council of Maastricht, the "Show Vandaag" team (Patty, Beau van Erven Dorens, Renate Verbaan), Evert Santegoeds (of "Privé" Magazine), the "Boulevard" team (Verlinde, Winston Gerschtanowitz)...Even Gerard Joling is part of this "mess" as he is furious with Verlinde who publicly announced Geer's so-called "plastic surgery disaster"....

Source: GlamOrama

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