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After the huge success of "You're the Greatest Lover", Luv's challenge was to choose the right follow-up and to avoid being a "one-hit wonder". Fortunately, the ladies hit once again the number one spot with "Trojan Horse". The single entered the Dutch charts on November 18th, 1978 and later did the same abroad. It eventually sold one million copies.


After the Spanish touch of "U.O.Me" and "You're the Greatest Lover", the group's songwriters and producers, Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer, tried another kind of arrangement. That's how they came up with "Trojan Horse". This catchy pop song used a bagpipe theme. The intro was inspired by the famous "20th-Century Fox Fanfare" by Alfred Newman. The lyrics dealt with a man who acted as a "Trojan Horse" (someone who is secretive). One sentence is a shining example of "double entendre": "The gate is not yet open so the horse cannot come in". No need to explain what these words mean!

Luv' on TopPop

Thanks to this popular record, Luv's success story carried on in a large part of Continental Europe. "Trojan Horse" was even a Top 10 single in New Zealand as well as a minor hit in Canada and Australia. 

It was included on the German version of their debut album "With Luv'". It later appeared on CD compilations (such as "Luv' Gold" and "25 Jaar Na Waldolala"). A 2006 Dance remix of the song by Hans van Hemert's production team was added as a bonus track to the track listing of the Box set "Completely In Luv'".

This pop standard was used for the soundtrack of the movie "Spetters" directed by Paul Verhoeven. Moreover, Luv' played a cameo role in the German movie "Cola, Candy, Chocolate" (aka "Drei Kesse Bienen auf den Philippinen") in which they performed "Trojan Horse". 

Luv' in "Drei Kesse Bienen auf den Philippinen" (1979)

Chart performance & certification

"Trojan Horse" was a million seller and a #1 hit song in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and Denmark. It peaked at #2 in Austria and Switzerland, #3 in Germany, #16 in Finland, #17 in South Africa #38 in France, #6 in New Zealand, #50 in Australia and #95 in Canada. The single went platinum in Holland and reached the gold status in Austria and Belgium. 

Press clippings about the release party of "Trojan Horse" in November 1978. In addition to the presentation of their Scottish-styled track, the girls received gold records for "The Greatest Lover" and "With Luv'":

Tracklisting & release

Trojan Horse

7" vinyl single (45 rpm) - original release by Philips/Phonogram Records in November 1978

A side: "Trojan Horse" - 3:24
B side: "Life Is On My Side" - 2:38

Original Dutch Sleeve

German sleeve

Canadian pressing

Argentinian pressing

US promo copy

YouTube videos

Luv' on TopPop (1978)

Luv' on Rock Planet (TROS -1978)

All You Need Is Luv TV Special (Nov. 1978)

Luv' on Showbizzquiz (1978)

Luv' on Musikladen (Broadcast date: December 14th 1978)

German TV show

Luv' on Disco (broadcast date: February 19th 1979)

Cover versions
  • De Bumpers: "M'n Doedelzak" (Netherlands, 1979)
  • Siw Inger: "Komm und spiel mit mir" (Germany, 1979)
  • Orchester Tony Anderson: "Trojan Horse" (Germany 1979)
  • Disco Light Orchestra: "Trojan Horse" (Instrumental, Germany 1979)
  • The Golden Akkordeon Harmonists: "Trojan Horse" (Germany, 1979)
  • Bezinky: "Trojský Kůň" (Czechoslovakia, 1980)
  • Die Molly Sisters: "Im grünen Wald" (East Germany, 1979)
  • Luv' Connection: "Trojan Horse" (Germany, 2003).
  • Sheffield Jumpers: "Jump With Me" (featuring a re-sung chorus from "Trojan Horse (Netherlands/Germany, 2008). #69 on the German Media Control Charts.

Jump with me by Sheffield Jumpers (2008)

  • Marco de Hollander: "Hij speelde elke avond op zijn doedelzak" (2009)
  • Engel & Engel: "So ist die Liebe, mi Amor" (2011).


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