jeudi 28 novembre 2013

Connie, Patty & Patricia: guest appearance on RTL 4's benefit show

Patricia Paay, Patty Brard and Connie Breukhoven

The trio of Dutch divas Connie Breukhoven, Patty Brard and Patricia Paay will be performing "Tomorrow" from the musical "Anniewith Gerard Joling and Gordon on RTL 4's benefit show. The aim of this concert is to raise money for a charity called "Nationaal Ouderenfonds" (the National Foundation for the Elderly (NFE) which promotes quality of life for older persons in the Netherlands). The music program will be taped on December 11th in the studios of "The Voice of Holland". In 2011, the ladies were asked to be guest artists at De Toppers show but their performance was cancelled.

Click here to watch "RTL Boulevard" (at 12:00 Connie Breukhoven confirmed the news). 

Source: RTL Boulevard, De Telegraaf, RTL Nieuws,,

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