mardi 19 novembre 2013

"All You Need Is Luv'" special: 35th anniversary

After the recent anniversaries of "You're the Greatest Lover", "With Luv" and "Trojan Horse", today it's time to celebrate another one: 35 years ago exactly, on November 19th 1978, TROS channel aired a 20 minute TV special entitled “All You Need Is Luv”. The fans remember very well this music program which was included on the "Back In Luv" DVD in 2006. 

Luv’ was a visual act. At the time MTV didn’t exist. The group's management understood the power of television. This medium fit them like a glove and was one of the reason of their success. In the late 1970’s, the number of channels was limited. When an artist or a band performed on TV, they could reach lots of viewers.

The special featured videos of songs from their debut album “With Luv”:

You’re the Greatest Lover: The girls were riding a tandem, playing basket ball with a male team and singing among body builders in a gym:

· Who Do You Wanna Be: The trio was singing on a grand piano, pretending they were naked with bath mousse on them. But at the end, you can see they wore wetsuits:

· Trojan Horse: The ladies was accompanied by a fanfare and giggling while trying on hats:

· Louis Je t’Adore: Luv' was sitting on rattan chairs in an exotic interior:

· U.O.Me: Luv' was singing on motorbikes and appearing as angels:

· Oh, Get Ready: Luv' was dancing with masked men:

Source: YouTube, Beeld en Geluid (Dutch TV and radio archives)

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