mardi 10 septembre 2013

St. Nicholas film "Sinterklaas en de Pepernoten Chaos" to open in Dutch theaters on October 2nd

In July, Patty Brard took part in the filming of the St. Nicholas movie "Sinterklaas en de Pepernoten Chaos" (see news posted on July 11th 2013). She played the role of Gertruida Wintje, the assistant of Gerard Joling. Among the members of the film's cast are Marga Bult (former lead singer of Dutch girl group "Babe") and iconic songstress Willeke Alberti

Gerard Joling & Patty Brard

"Sinterklaas en de Pepernoten Chaos" (directed by Martijn van Nellestijnis set to open in Dutch theaters on October 2nd. 


Geer and Pat on the set of "Sinterklaas en de Pepernoten Chaos"


Source:  SRSP FILMS, eOne Benelux, Cinemeta

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