mardi 3 septembre 2013

Patty wants a program à la "Waar is de Mol?"

Patty and Johnny de Mol on "Waar is de Mol?" (2010)

Patty Brard would like to present a TV program à la "Waar Is De Mol?" (in which Johnny de Mol took Dutch celebrities to exotic countries). Three years ago, Johnny and Patty went to West Papua where the diva was born. It was a wonderful experience for the former Luv' singer. 

"I did the program and it was fun to do it. It's fine to go on holidays with someone and to do nice things," Patty told Novum Nieuws. But the TV personality who has recently signed a two-year deal with SBS 6 has a problem. "If I do it, I will be out of circulation for a while because I will have to travel," she added.

At the moment, Miss Brard's priorities are "Shownieuws" and the forthcoming infotainment program called "Show Vandaag" (see news posted on August 31st 2013). "When I was asked to think about a late-afternoon format, I thought: now I'm taken seriously. Not only as a presenter but also as a program maker," she said.

Source: Novum,

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