lundi 23 septembre 2013

Bonnie & José in Aalsmeer

Bonnie & José (photo credit: Jan Plat - Facebook)

Yesterday afternoon, Bonnie St. Claire & José Hoebee performed at the Crown Studios in Aalsmeer during the festivisties of the Flower Parade (Bloemencorso). One of my Facebook contacts "Karin Angeleyes" has posted a video of the duo performing their iconic classic hit "Zoals Vrienden Doen". José even asked two members of the audience to take the place of "Patty" and  "Marga" to join her on stage. A man interpreted the role of "Patty" and Karin did "Marga". These new "Luv' singers" lip-synched to "You're the Greatest Lover" and did the famous dance routines ("Shananananananana"). 

Bonnie & José singing "Zoals vrienden doen"

Source: Facebook (José Hoebee, Karinangeleyes, Jan Plat), YouTube

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