jeudi 15 août 2013

Patty angry about weight issues

Patty Brard wrote her latest column in Weekend magazine about weight issues. The entertainer has always been straightforward. She started her text with the recent news about Julia Robertsyounger half-sister, Nancy Motes, who was criticized by her famous sibling for being overweight. The diva also told some anecdotes about what people said to her at showbiz parties. 

Patty is used to criticism but one thing is sure: since 1978, she has always been in the spotlight (with and without Luv'). She is experienced and has an amazing career (especially on the small screen). She is one of the few celebritities over 55 to appear regularly on commercial TV.

In other words, Miss Brard's column is a disapproval of today's superficial mentality.

To read it, click here

Source: Weekend

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