dimanche 11 août 2013

One year after Luv's break-up...

                                    Luv' at the Beau Monde Awards (2006)                                                                             
One year ago, Luv' disbanded after their final show at the Dutch Valley Festival (see news posted on August 2012). What has happened to the ladies since then?

Luv' at the Dutch Valley Festival (August 11. 2012)

Patty Brard's participation in the celebrity diving competition "Sterren Springen" (aka "Celebrity Splash") on SBS 6 caused a sensation in Holland. The TV program was high in the ratings. The famous video of Patty's failed dive was even used as a publicity stunt to sell the format worldwide. As a result, "Splash" relaunched Miss Brard's career on television. The diva had a very hectic TV season and took part in a string of programs (Wie is de Reisleider?, Vliegende Hollanders, Echte Meisjes op de Prairie, Shownieuws, Koffietijd, Lust Liefde of Laten Lopen and Ranking the Stars).

José Hoebee was depressive after her husband's death. It took her a while to adapt herself to her new situation. She left her appartment in Lommel, Belgium and moved twice (Muiderberg and Hilversum). She was helped by her friends (in particular Viola Holt and Harry van Hoof). She found a job as a volunteer at the Wisseloord Studios. In December 2012 she was cast on the SBS 6 figure skating show "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs". She was rapidly eliminated from the competition in early January. In June, talent agencies announced that Bonnie St. Claire and José re-formed their duo and thus could be booked for live performances. Recently, Miss Hoebee attended Amsterdam Gay Pride and on August 8th she did her first gig since Luv's farewell concert at the "Simone FM on Tour" party. 

José and her partner Simon Crowhurst on "Sterren Dansen op Het Ijs"

Marga Scheide, as usual, has been very discreet. She gave a few interviews to magazines. She retired from show business and started to develop an art project in Ibiza. The blonde lady appeared on May 25th at Luv's meet'n greet afternoon with José and Ria Thielsch (Patty's replacement). The reunion of the 1980 line-up was a big surprise when it was announced. 

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