dimanche 11 août 2013

Flashback: "Hans van Hemert : What will be trendy in 1981?"

Recently Luv's creator/producer/songwriter Hans van Hemert uploaded a nice video to YouTube. On December 10th 1980, the maestro appeared on a TV program called "Veronica Vandaag" to tell his impressions of the music industry and the trends of 1981. Other famous protagonists of the business discussed several subjects: the future of the music, the promotion of new talents and the importance of videos... Among these professionnals were Bryan Ferry (frontman of Roxy Music), record producer Pim Koopman (who produced José's I Will Follow Him), Sting & The Police and Dutch singer Rob de Nijs. This TV program was taped after the release of "My Number One" by Luv' and a few months before the group's first break-up. It was aired less than one year before the launch of MTVThe amazing popularity of the channel changed the history of music. From then on an artist who wanted to enter the mainstream market had to star in a video. Van Hemert sensed that the visual aspect of artists mattered.  Indeed Luv's attractive look was the key to success in addition to their catchy songs.

Source: Hans van Hemert Productions (YouTube channel), Beeld en Geluid

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