samedi 17 août 2013

Bonnie & José on "Nederland Muziekland"

Bonnie St. Claire and José Hoebee will be performing on SBS 6's music show "Nederland Muziekland". Recently, the ladies decided to make their comeback as a duo (see news posted on August 14th 2013). The taping of the TV program will take place on August 27th from 7.00 to 11.00 pm at the market square in Ede, NL. Other artists will participate: Gerard Joling, Gordon, Rene Froger, Glennis Grace, Drukwerk, K3, Grant and Forsyth, Jason Bouman, Jannes, Wolter Kroes, Frans Duijts & Django Wagner, Ralf Mackenbach, Djumbo, Grad Damen, Vinzzent, Helemaal Hollands, Jaap Reesema and Dennie Christian.

Nederland Muziekland is part of the history of Dutch television. It started in 1981 on Veronica Channel. It stopped in 1994. RTL 4 took it over between 1996 and 1998. SBS 6 relaunched it earlier this year. 

Luv' appeared twice on Nederland Muziekland: in July 1981 (to mark their first break-up) and twelve years later (during the 1993 comeback). As solo vocalists, José and Patty Brard also sang on the legendary program. 

Source: SBS 6,

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