samedi 15 juin 2013

Patty (ex Luv') & Angela (ex Dolly Dots)

When the ex-Luv' girl meets the ex-Dolly Dots girl...

Patty Brard has recently posted a picture of herself with ex-Dolly Dots singer Angela Groothuizen. The ladies attended a party held by RTL Nederland on June 12th. In the late 1970's and early 1980's as they conquered the pop charts, they were supposed to be rivals according to the tabloid press. But they have much in common. They survived the break-up of their girl groups and have the most successful solo careers. Both of them still sing and are media personalities. They frequently appear on commercial TV. We all know Patty's feats on the small screen ("Celebrity Splash", "Shownieuws"...). Angela is a judge on RTL 4's talent show "X Factor" and a former member of the jury of "The Voice of Holland". 

Source: Patty Brard's Facebook Page

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