mercredi 29 mai 2013

The youth of José

Weekend magazine publishes a weekly column entitled "De jeugd van..." (the youth of...)" which deals with the early years of Dutch celebrities. The latest column is about José Hoebee. The ex-Luv' singer told that she had a nice time as a youngster. She played a lot outside with her friends. However she had some trouble with her nanny.
"After the birth of my younger sister, a nanny sometimes helped my mother," José said. "This woman often spanked me. Or I was locked in a small room where a drying rack stood in front of a stove. As I was playing I hit it by accident and an underwear was burning. That's why she gave me a slap but this time my mother heard it and found out what happened. She jumped out of bed and immediately threw her out. She was devilish."

Source: Weekend

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