lundi 13 mai 2013

La Brard: very competent on "Koffietijd"

Loretta & Patty on "Koffietijd"

Last week, Patty Brard replaced Quinty Trustfull twice to co-host "Koffietijd" with Loretta Schrijver on RTL 4. The spontaneous and multi-talented TV presenter did it well. She was comfortable with several subjects (interviews with celebrities, female friendship, spirituality, mother's day....). "Koffietijd" is the most-watched morning program in Holland. On May 9th, it drew 216.000 viewers (overall market share: 15.8%) and the next day 144.000 viewers (overall market share: 15%). At the moment, Patty's nomination as an occasional presenter of the show is not on the agenda. 

To watch the May 9th broadcast, click here
To watch the May 10th broadcast, click here

Source: Kijk Onderzoek, RTL 4

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