mardi 23 avril 2013

Patty Brard on "Jensen Laat"

Patty Brard appeared yesterday evening on "Jensen Laat", a talk show hosted by Robert Jensen on Veronica channel. 259.000 viewers watched the program (overall market share: 3.9%). The diva discussed many subjects (her bankruptcy, her participation in "Sterren Springen" (aka "Celebrity Splash"), the men of her life...).

Patty on JENSEN! (RTL 5 - 2006)

Patty and Robert know each other well. In 2002, when Jensen got his own TV show his first guest was Miss BrardThen, the former Luv' singer was often invited on Jensen's programs which scored good ratings in the 2000s. 

To watch Patty on "Jensen Laat", click here (only available in Holland). 

Source: Veronica, Kijk Onderzoek

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