jeudi 25 avril 2013

José on the "Koningslied"

In addition to Patty Brard, José Hoebee reacted to the release of the "King's song" or "Koningslied" which was meant to be sung at the inauguration of new Dutch King Willem-Alexander and which had to be scrapped following a public outcry (see news posted earlier today). The track (performed by 51 Dutch celebrities and written by John Ewbank) caused outrage among some when it came out, despite it going straight to the top of Holland's iTunes charts. Some listeners disagreed with lyrics included in the song such as: ‘I build a dyke with my bare hands and keep the water away’ and ‘through wind and rain I’ll stand beside you… I’ll keep you safe as long as I live’. 

José told De Telegraaf: "Respect for this song of John Ewbank. It is a beautiful composition performed by classy artists. OK, you cannot sing along to it and that's what the Netherlands want. I'm convinced that if a song for Obama was written and performed by American artists, it would be a hit. Even in the Netherlands...Our country seems to be too small for class. What a pity!!!"

Due to the controversy, the song was withdrawn but the coronation committee put it right back into its program.

Source: De Telegraaf, BBC, Yahoo! News, The Independent....

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