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Welcome to Waldolala!!!

35th anniversary of "U.O.Me" - Luv's ticket to stardom

This is the record that changed the destiny of Marga Scheide, José Hoebee and Patty Brard better known as LUV'


In 1977, Luv's debut single "My Man" scored quite well in the charts in the Netherlands and Belgium but it did not change the girls into pop stars. In early 1978, Dutch TV channel VPRO commissioned Hans van Hemert to write the theme song for the burlesque series "Het is weer zo laat (Waldolala)" which was conceived and directed by Wim van der Linden, Wim T. Schippers, Gied Jaspars and Ellen JensAssisted by Piet Souer, Van Hemert wrote the Carnival and disco track "U.O.Me (Welcome to Waldolala)" and let it record by Luv'. "Het is weer zo laat" featured Dolf Brouwers as Waldo van Dungen, owner of the nightclub "Waldolala". The series aired weekly from February 12th to April 23rd, 1978 and was a high-rated TV program. The fact that Luv' appeared during the opening credit to perform their song was a fabulous publicity stunt for the trio. José, Patty and Marga became rapidly Holland's sweethearts and sex symbols and their career was really launched. 

Het is weer zo laat! was released on DVD in 2008.


"U.O.Me" was released in February 1978 by Phonogram/Philips Records. On March 11th, the single entered the Dutch charts and later peaked at #3 on the Top 40 and the Nationale Hitparade. It reached #2 on the BRT Top 30 in Belgium as well. The record sold 150.000 copies. It came out in the neighbouring countries (France, Germany...) but was not a success outside Benelux. Luv's international breakthrough happened with the follow-up single "You're the Greatest Lover".

YouTube Videos

Luv' on Het is weer zo laat (Waldolala)!

U.O.Me on AVRO's Toppop

Luv' on a German TV show

U.O.Me taken from "All You Need Is Luv' TROS special

Tracklisting & release

7" vinyl single (45 rpm) - original release by Philips/Phonogram Records in February 1978
  • A side : "U.O.Me" (Janschen & Janschens) – 2:55
  • B side : "Hang On" (Janschen & Janschens) – 3:07

Original Dutch cover

French cover

Cover versions

* Dutch studio band Conquistador (also produced by Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer) recorded an instrumental version of this song.

* Schlager singer Peter Petrel sang a German version entitled "Wer Hat Hier Denn Wohl Wen Verführt" in 1978.

* Finnish girl group Mirumaru performed the track as "Sun Vain Oon" in their language in 1978.

* De Vedettes recorded their version of Luv's breakthrough hit to support the Dutch national football team (the famous Oranjes) at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This cover was entitled "Oh! Wat Een Mooie Goal!" (Oh! What a beautiful goal!) and peaked at #39 on Holland's Single Top 100 in July 2010.

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