samedi 16 mars 2013

Patty fan of "Showbizzquiz"

On July 31st, 1979 Patty Brard and TV personality Ron Brandsteder got married when Luv' was at its peak of popularity. Eight months later, they divorced but they remained on speaking terms. At the time of their marriage, Ron hosted "Showbizzquiz", a successful game show on TROS. Luv' performed on this legendary TV program:

Trojan Horse (1978)

Ann-Maria (1980)

Recently, Ron relaunched "Showbizzquiz" with his son Rick on SBS 6 but the new version had to face disappointing viewing figures and negative reviews. Patty didn't agree with the criticism of the TV show and supported her former husband in her column published in Weekend magazine. "I was surprised by the chemistry between father and son Brandsteder in the new Showbizzquiz. So nice and so good on Saturday evening. The resemblance between Rick and his father is astonishing. What a pleasure to watch dad and son together," she wrote. 

Ron & Rick Brandsteder

Source: Weekend,, Patty Brard's Official Fanpage (Facebook)

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