lundi 11 février 2013

Patty to be a judge on a celebrity ski jumping competition

Patty Brard & Gerard Joling ready for "Flying Dutchmen"

Patty Brard  is joining the judging panel of the celebrity ski jumping competition "Vliegende Hollanders" (Flying Dutchmen) which will air from February 22nd on SBS 6.  Gerard Joling and Tess Milne will host the show. In addition to Patty, the other judges are Peter van Hal (a former ski jumper and commentator on Eurosport) and Marc Nölke (a former German ski jumper and currently a trainer). Last weekend, Miss Brard left for Hinterzarten, Germany to tape three episodes. Initially, the diva was asked to take part in the program as a candidate but she refused the offer (see news posted on January 9th 2013). 

The candidates of SBS 6 ski jumping competition

The competitors are Koert-Jan de Bruijn, Shary-An, Dean Saunders, Bibi (Oh oh Cherso), Sita Vermeulen, Geert Hoes, Emile Ratelband, Jodi Bernal, Chimène van Oosterhout, Lange Frans, Kelly van der Veer, Ingrid Jansen, Robert Schoemacher, rapper Keizer and John de Wolf. 

Bonus: Watch the recent parody of Patty on "De TV Kantine". Carlo Boszhard impersonates La Brard who covers Adele's James Bond song "SkyFall":

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