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Marga, Gemma & Debbie in "Story" Magazine

Last week's issue of Story magazine featured an article about Marga Scheide, Gemma van Eck and Debbie Jenner as well as a nice photo session. The ladies compared their experience as former members of girl groups. In 1980, they were supposed to be rivals. Marga was the beautiful blonde girl of "Luv'". Gemma was the lead singer of "Babe". Debbie fronted "Doris D. & The Pins". 

Find below scans of Story (courtesy of Martin Vink):

Marga said about her glory years: "We could not predict the success of Luv'. It was the ultimate girl's dream. The saddest thing is that we didn't have any privacy. It was almost impossible to have a stable relationship". She added: "I enjoyed every day from the beginning of Luv' in 1976. However, I don't miss the show business."  As for Gemma, she is an experienced artist. She was part of Babe from 1979 to 1982 and then she went solo. This talented vocalist appeared in several musicals and in 2007 she was a judge on SBS 6 talent show "So You Wanna Be A Popstar". 

The Kiss (Viva Los Hombres) by Babe (1980)

Debbie Jenner is British. Her career is impressive: singer of Doris D. & The Pins (1980-1985), a renowned promoter of aerobics in Holland, Dance captain and company manager of the Dutch version of the musical "Cats", assistant of Michael King (who choreographed "A Tribute to the Blues Brothers"), run a fitness center and later The Pilates Company....

Shine Up by Doris D. & The Pins (1980)

Source: Story

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