mardi 19 février 2013

José is moving to Hilversum

José Hoebee is going to leave her modest wooden house in Muiderberg, NL and will soon move to Hilversum (a key center for Dutch radio and television broadcasting). Last autumn, the artist explained to the media that her accommodation was too depressing (see news posted on November 4th 2012). The former Luv' singer told "I'm busy packing boxes because my son and I are going to move to Hilversum. A good friend of mine could arrange an apartment for me. I'm so happy. I was totally depressed in my little house in the forest. I live so far from everybody and because I don't have a car every visit looked like a distant journey. I'm so lucky to find a flat in Hilversum. My friend, who arranged everything, lives on the floor below me and it's going to be pleasant. It's temporary because later I would like to live in a bigger house. But soon I will have company and the apartment is near the Media Park. Who knows what is going to happen?".

Source:, De Telegraaf

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