jeudi 31 janvier 2013

Interview with Luv' on Swiss radio (1993)

Luv' fan Jennifer Bostelaar has found special footage uploaded on YouTube: a two-part interview in German with José, Marga and Patty (originally broadcast on the Swiss radio station SR DRS in November 1993 as part of their "Luv' Gold" promo tour). The ladies discussed the group's formation, their glory years, the recipe for success, their reunion, their knowledge of Switzerland (chocolate, watches, Heidi, cheese, cleanness..). The trio scored three big hits in William Tell's country: You're the Greatest Lover (#1 in 1978), Trojan Horse (#2 in 1978) and Casanova (#4 in 1979). They performed their songs on popular TV shows like "Musik & Gäste". Patty's affair with Swiss bandleader Pepe Lienhard caused a sensation in the Helvetian tabloid press. 

Interview on Swiss Radio (Part 1)

Interview on Swiss Radio (Part 2)

Source: YouTube, Luv' Official Fan Club (forum)

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