vendredi 7 décembre 2012

Update: Daphne Lammers & Ib Haarsma have won "Christmas Tree For Charity"

 The contestants of the "Christmas Tree for Charity" 

Patty Brard and Viktor Brand have won a €1.000 check for "Revalidatiefonds"

The result of the Christmas tree decorating contest organized by Sky Radio has been announced this afternoon: the winners are Editie NL presenter Daphne Lammers and journalist Ib Haarsma. They have won a €10.000 check and a €25.000 advertising campaign  for the charity they have represented: Slachtofferhulp Nederland. Lonneke Smeding and Eva Verweij (two listeners of Sky Radio) have won the second prize: a 5.000€ check for Stichting Semmy. Anita Witzier and Anouk Smulders (representing Hulphond Nederland) have been ranked third with their €2.500 check. The remaining candidates (including Patty Brard & Viktor Brand) have received an amount of €1000 for good causes. 

Source: Sky Radio, RTL Boulevard

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