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Tatjana is missing Patty and Patricia

Christmas issue of Playboy Holland

Last year, Patty Brard, Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic were the stars of the RTL 4 high-rated reality program "Diva's Draaien Door". The ladies later planned to form a girl group. They wanted to record an album and to perform on stage (see news posted on March 29. 2012). They received a popularity award and even expected to appear on a second season of their TV show. All these activities overshadowed Luv's existence and provoked Marga Scheide's bitterness. The blonde singer who holds the copyright on the name "LUV" decided in March to disband the pop trio (see news posted on March 13. 2012). 

Then a catfight between Patty and Tatjana occured last spring through the media, which led to the end of their partnership and the break-up of "De Diva's". La Brard eventually told Story magazine that she forgave her rival but could not help dissing her in a recent comedy talk show (see news posted on November 28. 2012). 

Tatjana presenting her Playboy pictures to the press

The handsome Dutch-croatian entertainer has been lately the cover girl of the Christmas issue of Playboy Holland. Yesterday she unveiled her photographs to the press at the Harbour Club in Amsterdam. She said to De Telegraaf that "it was a pity that Patty and Patricia were not here". She added: "There's no fight. I don't know what happened but it would be so nice if they were present. If we ever work together again? Never say never. I'm not a resentful person."

Source: De Telegraaf

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