mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Peggy & José's Christmas single out now!!!

Night Dance Records has released "My Christmas Wish" by Peggy March & José Hoebee as a digital single. The song is taken from the 2012 edition of Peggy's album "Always and Forever" which came out last spring (see news posted on April 24th 2012) and featured a new version of "I Will Follow Him". My Christmas Wish is available on Amazon. Click here to download it. You can also buy the digital EP version which includes the following track listing:

1. My Christmas Wish (by Peggy March & José Hoebee) - 4.03
2. Mein Weihnachtstraum (German version of My Christmas Wish by Peggy March) - 4:03
3. My Christmas Wish (Karaoke Version) - 4:03
4. Ich Habe Es Gleich Gespürt (Previously unreleased German version of I Can't Say No To You by Peggy March) - 4:22

Source: José Hoebee's Official Fan Club / Night Dance Records

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