dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Patty Brard's interview with Bart de Graaff (1995)

In 1995, TV personality Bart de Graaff (who suffered from renal failure which caused a growth disorder and made him look like a 12-year old boy) conducted a funny "tell-all" interview with Patty Brard. The diva told anecdotes about the Luv' era, her TV career, the San Remo Festival, her lovers, her bankruptcy....Witnesses to Brard's ups and downs appeared in this program (including record producer Hans van Hemert and ex-husband Carlo Nasi). As a Frenchman I reacted astonishingly when Van Hemert told that during their heyday "Luv' received a gold record from Jacques Chirac (at the time he was the mayor of Paris) at the Maxim's". Patty replied that she didn't remember. Click on the YouTube screens to watch the videos.

Onder de B van Brard Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Patty appreciated Bart and worked with him on the parody of "We Are The World" (Hij Gaat Voor C!) which was a Dutch Top 5 hit in 1997. De Graaff founded the public broadcasting network BNN and died on May 25. 2002. 

Hij Gaat Voor C! (featuring Bart de Graaff, Patty Brard ond other Dutch celebrities)

Source: YouTube

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