jeudi 11 octobre 2012

José's interview on TinekeShow

Two days ago, José Hoebee was interviewed by Tineke de Nooij on her program "TinekeShow" on Omroep MAX/Radio 5. The singer mentioned her current troubles. She talked about the death of her husband Will. The ex-Luv' girl said that sometimes she didn't realize his passing and that she often dreamt of him. Moreover, José inherited money problems from Will who was always in charge of her administration and finances before his cancer. He was planning a comeback by releasing a new album with the legendary conductor Harry van Hoof and the popular entertainer André van Duin. This record would have pay off his debts. Unfortunately, Will died last June and José went bankrupt. She was obliged to leave her house in Lommel, Belgium. Thanks to her friend Viola Holt, she moved to Muiderberg, NL.
The artist also told Tineke that before her misfortune she suffered burn-out. She admitted that a psychologist helped her to overcome her difficulties. She discussed her career with Patty Brard and Marga Scheide and their last show in August. At the end of her talk, Tineke gave José some good advice: to look for a new repertoire and to perform again. Luv's former lead vocalist replied that she would do it but first she had to heal.

Click here to listen to the interview

Source: Omroep MAX/Radio 5

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