lundi 10 septembre 2012

Patty eliminated from "Sterren springen"

1.432.000 viewers (market share: 25%) watched the semi-final of "Sterren springen op zaterdag" on SBS 6 on September 8th. Patty Brard was eliminated from the diving competition as well as Kelly van der Veer, Liesbeth Kamerling and Adje. The diva showed off temporary tattoos for her dive. 

Jody Bernal, Liza Sips, Dirk Taat, Raynor Arkenhout, Ralf Mackenbach and Yuri van Gelder are through to the final on saturday. Patty's participation in the successful SBS 6 program meant a lot of exposure in the media. The question is : will La Brard host her own TV show after that? Everybody remembers her funny performance on "Sterren dansen op het ijs" five years ago. This highly-covered media event brought the TV personality a contract with SBS and boosted her career for a couple of years. She hosted "Shownieuws" (2007-2011) and appeared on popular talent shows such as "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" (2008-2010) and "K2 Zoekt K3" (2009). Let's hope that the former Luv' singer will take advantage of the "Sterren springen" effect!

I would like to pay tribute to Patty because she dares to be different and she doesn't care about criticism. I admire her positive force, her energy and her humour. She's far from being a "desperate housewive". She has a real power to attract the media and the public. Bravo!!!

Source: SBS 6,, De Telegraaf, Kijk Onderzoek...

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