lundi 17 septembre 2012

Patty Brard on Ron Brandsteder's new TV show

Ron Brandsteder and his sons

Patty Brard will soon appear on SBS 6 forthcoming show "Van je vrienden moet je het hebben" hosted by Ron Brandsteder and his son Rick. The diva will be under hypnosis for the purposes of the program which will be taped next week. Recently, Ron promoted his new TV project on the Radio 538 show "Evers staat op" and said: "It's a panel game with two teams. Rick and me will be team captains. A celebrity guest will be under hypnosis and will go through difficult situations. We have to forecast what he or she will do, that's how we score points". 
Ron and Patty have known each other for many years. They got married on July 31. 1979 when the Luv' girls reached their heights of success. They divorced eight months later but remained on speaking terms.


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