lundi 3 septembre 2012

José's message to her fans

Recently José Hoebee posted a message on her official fansite. She thanked her fans for her "warm feelings" and explained that she had to think about her future. The singer would like to go back to her "Folk & Country" roots but first she has to recover and solve the problems caused by the death of her husband. I wish her good luck and I'm sure she will overcome her difficulties. 

Please find below a translation of her message:

Dear friends,
after a couple of months I started to read the forum again. Your warm feelings make me feel better. Will's passing is unbearable. I can't stand it anymore and all the problems linked with it make it harder. I appeared on TV programs because I have to think about the future. And although it seemed impossible, Albert Verlinde and Carlo gave me a lot of support. They promised to help me when I was ready to consider a new career. Kenny, you're right, I don't have to think that I will score a new hit again. I'm too old for that. Moreover, I don't dare to appear on programs like "swimming" (José is mentioning "Sterren springen" with Patty Brard) or whatever. "Once I had...", the song that I played at Will's memorial, caused such a chain reaction that I plan to perform this repertoire again. Even for a smaller audience. Because I don't see myself, as a solo artist, with a petticoat and a bustier on stage. I did it with Luv' just for fun.
But I'm far from being prepared for this. First all the problems have to be solved before the relaunch of my career. Your support makes me feel better. I have to go on. With Tim. He's my hero! I get a lot of help from real friends. But don't be misled: Marga and Patty are also kind to me. They are also real friends. No matter what they (the journalists) are writing. I hope that you will hear from me again. But first I have to get over Willy's loss. 
Best regards,

Source: José Hoebee Official Fan Club

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