jeudi 16 août 2012

The Greatest LUVers!!!

Antoine, Will & Michiel

It is said that "behind every successful man, there's a great woman". But the contrary is true. Patty, José and Marga have always counted on the love and support of their men. A beautiful picture of Luv's big fan Martin Vink has been posted on the group's official fansite. It was taken backstage after a show of the ladies on May 28th 2011 in Ijsselstein, NL. The same image has been used by Patty for her latest column in Weekend Magazine. Now it has a special meaning after Will Hoebee's death. The three guys (Will, Michiel Gunning and Antoine van de Vijver) always met during the gigs and had fun together. 
What a good way to pay tribute to Will and to remember the good times! Thanks you so much Martin!

Source: Martin Vink (Luv' Official Fan Club - forum), Weekend.

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