lundi 30 juillet 2012

New start for José and Tim

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an article on José Hoebee and her son Tim. After the death of her husband, the singer went bankrupt and is obliged to leave her appartment in Lommel, Belgium (see news posted on July 8th 2012). Fortunately, Viola Holt helped her to find a 500€ accommodation in Muiderberg, NL (see news posted on July 13th 2012). José will move there on August 20th. The Luv' singer has also applied for welfare. She is proud of her son who is a great comfort to her. Tim has plans for the future. He will study at the Faculty of Art, Media and Technology in Hilversum. Moreover, José gave a phone interview last week on Shownieuws (SBS 6). Click here to listen to it. 

Below: scans of Privé (courtesy of Jos Theuns, José Hoebee Fan Club).

Source: Privé, José Hoebee Official Fan Club, Shownieuws

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