samedi 16 juin 2012

José's tragedy / Luv' singer wants to go on

Cover of Weekend's latest issue

José Hoebee is going through a really difficult time because of the death of her husband Will. Her tragedy made front-page news. Weekend magazine published a 4-page article in which the singer told her sad story and the last weeks of the man of her life. Will's cremation will take place in Bilthoven, NL on June 18th. Friends, celebrities and fans are expected to be there to pay tribute to one of the greatest Dutch record producers of the 1970's and 1980's. The latest issue of Privé magazine features another article about Hoebee's drama. Moreover, in her interview published yesterday in the Dutch newspaper AD, José admitted that because of Luv's fortcoming break-up she lost a huge part of her income. She would like to continue with the group. After the funeral, she wants to leave Belgium where she lives in order to settle down in the Netherlands. Luv's lead vocalist wants to relaunch her career as she hasn't performed often in the past four years. Will the most terrible moment in her life mean a new start of the trio? 

Source: José Hoebee Official Fan Club (Forum), Weekend, Telegraaf, AD,, Noordhollands Dagblad,, ....

Below, scans of articles published in Weekend and Privé (courtesy of Jos Theuns / José Hoebee's Fan Club):

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