vendredi 22 juin 2012

José's misfortune

Today's edition of De Telegraaf features an article about José Hoebee's new drama. After the death her husband Will, the singer has to face the illness of her son Tim. The 26-year-old young man is suffering from cyclic vomiting syndrome. Because of it, he lost his job in the army. José said: "Tim has been a great support to me before Will's death. Because the doctor's advice was not to tell Will that he was going to die. It was so hard to hide the truth to the man I had lived with for 30 years." Now that Tim is very ill, José feels the absence of her husband. She would like to leave Lommel, Belgium where she lives to come back to Holland. She added: "Will's family lives in het Gooi (the area around Hilversum). That's why we are looking for a new home there. This is also better for job opportunities. I have to work again. Not with Luv' but solo. I would like to record a new CD". A comeback with Patty and Marga is not planned but she is still in touch with the ladies. Luv's lead singer explained: "Patty has offered Tim and me to live in her house. But I don't know if we are going to do it. Marga calls me very often as well as Bonnie St. Claire. We are singers from the same generation. It's so heart-warming  that they are here for me."

Source: De Telegraaf

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