dimanche 13 mai 2012

RTL 4 stops Diva's draaien door

RTL 4 channel won't air the second season of "Diva's draaien door", the reality TV series featuring Patty Brard, Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic. The show was initially broadcast in September and October 2011 and was quite a success. It averaged 1 million viewers. Thanks to their popularity, the three divas decided to form a girl group. They were invited to showbiz parties and even won a popularity award. The trio intended to perform a big concert and wanted to record a new CD (see news posted on March 29th). They also planned live performances through Holland. The icing on the cake was supposed to be the second season of their TV program. These plans bothered Marga Scheide who announced Luv's definitive break-up in March (see news posted on March 13th). The first dark cloud on the horizon was when Tatjana told the press last month that she was preparing a solo TV format similar to the Divas reality show. What a bitter pill for Patty to swallow! The Luv' singer expressed her disappointment two weeks ago on "Carlo & Irene: Life 4 You". A catfight between Mrs Brard and Simic occured through the media. Tatjana finally left the divas. Apparently La Brard and La Paay will go on  with their collaboration, even without the cancellation of "Diva's draaien door".

Source: RTL Boulevard, NU.nl, ShowbizNewz.nl, Shownieuws, Televizier...

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