lundi 23 avril 2012

Patty @ Joan Collins "One-Woman Show"

Patty Brard & Conny Breukhoven

Patty Brard and other Dutch celebrities (Conny Breukhoven, Gordon, Jeroen Krabbé...) attended Joan Collins 'one-woman show" simply entitled 'One Night with Joan" on April 20th at DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. Click here to watch a Shownieuws video about this glamourous evening. Luv's diva posted a nice message on her Facebook page to pay tribute to the former "Dynasty" actress. She wrote: "The harder you work........the luckier you get! Thanks Joan Collins for an inspiring night with a lot of wise female knowledge.....thanks for passing it on!"

Joan Collins

Source: Shownieuws (SBS 6), RTL Boulevard (RTL 4), Patty Brard Facebook Page

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