lundi 20 février 2012

The Divas planning a big concert and a new reality show

Patricia Paay, Tatjana Simic & Patty Brard

Patty Brard, Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic took the Dutch media and public by surprise when they appeared on RTL 4 high-rated TV show "Diva's draaien door" in September and October 2011. Because of this success, a new season could be aired in the second semester of 2012.
Moreover, the ladies have formed a temporary girl group called "Diva's on stage" and are planning a big show inspired by De Toppers mega concerts at the Amsterdam ArenA. Patty revealed in a radio interview on FunX on February 17th that the three singers were working on a new reality program that would show behind-the-scenes situations before the great concert entitled "Fairytale van de Diva's".
To listen to Patty's interview on FunX about Polonaise, Carnival and her TV project, click here

Source: FunX, RTL Nieuws, SpitsNieuws, Metronieuws,

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