mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Patty Brard's column about Barbie

Gordon Vs Barbie

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Dutch media personality Samantha de Jong better known as "Barbie".  Recently, Pop singer and TV personality Gordon tweeted that "the doctor responsible for Barbie's face should be dismissed". 

Two years ago, Patty had already written a column about the young woman who has been active on several reality TV shows since 2010 (click here to read it). The 27-year old Barbie makes no secret of her use of plastic surgery. Chiel Harten is in charge of her recent transformations. Though he calls himself "Dr. Harten" and has a clinic, he is actually an interior stylist and a TV host on gay channel OUTtv

Patty warns Barbie. "Stop with this fake doctor and these melanotan tanning injections. The consequences for your health are terrible," the diva writes. 

Click here to read the column. 

Source: Weekend

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