mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Luv' TV-graphy: 1989 - 1992


* September 29th, 1989: Welcome To My Party on Grote Club Show (TROS), Netherlands

* October 21st: Welcome To My Party on Top 40 (Veronica), Netherlands

November 1st: Welcome To My Party on B.O.O.S (Veronica), Netherlands

* November 11th: St Maarten: The Friendly Island (Veronica), Netherlands

* December 18th: I Don't Wanna Be Lonely, A Girl Like Me and Welcome To My Party on Muziek in Natura (AVRO), Netherlands


* January 1st: Samen (Wereldspelen Gehandicapten 1990), Netherlands

* February 3rd: I Don't Wanna Be Lonely on Nederland Muziekland (Veronica), Netherlands

* November 20th: Hasta Manana on Sportgala (Veronica), Netherlands


* March 5th: Gerard Joling in Thailand (special) on Veronica, Netherlands

* April 4th: Luv' in Thailand (special) on Veronica, Netherlands

Sentimental Fool, Sincerely Yours, Jungle Jive, He's My Guy, I Wanna Make Love To You

* April 8th: Service Salon (AVRO/Nederland 2), Netherlands

September 27th: He's My Guy on Grote Club Show (TROS), Netherlands

* October 12th: He's My Guy on Tineke (RTL 4), Netherlands


* February 12th: Excerpt from TV Privé (featuring Luv' as Zwarte Pieten in 1979) on Telearchief (TROS), Netherlands

* March 11th: Excerpt from All You Need Is Luv' special (1978) on Telearchief (TROS), Netherlands

* March 16th: Alternatieve Elfstedentocht op de Poolcirkel (special) on NCRV, Netherlands

This Old Heart Of Mine

They Say

* March 23rd: This Old Heart Of Mine on G'oud en Nieuw (NCRV), Netherlands

* May 25th: Habanera (L'amour est un oiseau rebelle) from Georges Bizet's opera Carmen on G'oud en Nieuw (NCRV), Netherlands

Source: YouTube, Beeld en Geluid

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