dimanche 13 mars 2016

Video: Luv' on Fantástico (1979)

In early November, I posted two rare videos of Luv' performing "Tu Eres Mi Mejor Amante" (Spanish version of "You're the Greatest Lover") and "Trojan Horse" on Fantástico, a TV program on TVE (see article posted on November 4th, 2015). Most recently, a better version of this unique footage was uploaded to YouTube. The description of the TV performance on the video-sharing website gives a few details. The music show was broadcast on March 4th, 1979 and featured the short presentation of the ladies by German actress Nadiuska and Spanish TV host José María Iñigo. The Dutch "Charlie's Angels" were presented as "three marvellous girls who have success in every disco in whole Europe". By the way, I really appreciate the fact that the TV presenters pronounced correctly the group's name Luv. Even in Holland and Germany (where the trio was very popular), Luv's name was mispronounced on TV. 

Luv' on Fantástico (1979)

Source: YouTube

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