mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Pat's column about Bibian Mentel

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Dutch Paralympic snowboarder Bibian Mentel. During a practise run for the championships in Breckenridge she suffered an injury in her ankle. She completed the season, however the ankle remained a source of concern. X-rays showed a spot on her tibia which was diagnosed as a malign bone tumor. The tumor was removed and Mentel started training for the 2002 Winter Olympics for which she was qualified. Soon it became clear that the tumor had regrown and had a chance of spreading to the rest of her body via her blood. She agreed to have her leg amputated. In 2013 Bibian Mentel qualified for the 2014 Winter Paralympics. At the opening ceremony she was the flag-carrier for the Netherlands. She won the Paralympic gold medal in the snowboard cross event.

Recently, her husband, Edwin Spee, started an online fundraising event to help her with her battle against cancer. To donate, click here. Patty supports this donation.

Here's the English text of this action:

Scream for Bibian! November 29th, Amsterdam.

Bibian Mentel is not only a powerful woman, she also is a wonderful mother, a professional athlete and she is currently fighting for her life. 
For the seventh time in 15 years she has had to resume her personal fight against cancer.

Now for the second time this year Bibian has had to undergo lung surgery in order to remove cancer cells. No matter how tough this is for Bibian, mentally and physically, she will keep fighting. Despite fear, sadness and anger she has put all her energy into this confrontation with a horrible disease. Cancer. Her battle could be a very lonely one. Let her know that she has friends that will help and support her no matter what. Support her personal battle and shout out for her cause.

Let’s make sure that Bibian knows she is not alone. Join us on the 29th of November in Amsterdam (location/time will follow) and help us break the world record in screaming! Let’s cry out, shout and/or scream for clean lungs, for Bibian and everyone with a lung condition. 

Scream as loud as you can and clear Bibian’s lungs and everyone else’s with a lung condition.

Want to do more? You can donate and/or participate!

1. Make donor lungs become available that previously would have been rejected for transplantation. For more info. click here

2. Help people with a lung abnormality or lung disease make their wish come true.

3. Are you a lung donor? If not? Become one!

Click here to read Patty's column.

Source: Weekend

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