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Luv' on "Countdown '78" (Veronica Awards)

I've posted a nice video of Luv' on YouTube. On December 31st, 1978 Veronica channel broadcast "Countdown '78", a program about the most significant events in the music industry in 1978: the break-up of the "Sex Pistols", the success of Paul McCartney & Wings ("Mull of Kyntyre"), Yvonne Keeley ("If I Had Words"), Blondie ("Denis"), The Bee Gees ("Stayin' Alive" from Saturday Night Fever), Donna Summer ("Last Dance" from Thanks God It's Friday), Boney M. ("Rivers of Babylon"), Vader Abraham ("Smurf song"), 10cc ("Dreadlock Holiday"), Meat Loaf ("Paradise by the Dashboard Light"), John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John (Grease)....and of course Luv' (Holland's greatest pop sensation back then). 

The filming of Luv's segment took place in the Wisseloord studios where the trio recorded their best songs. Luv' performed a medley of their greatest hits: "U.O.Me", "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse". 1978 was fabulous for the girls. Luv' were the only Dutch group that reached number one on the Dutch Top 40 that year. Because of the success of "Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse", they won two Veronica Awards

Two days prior to the broadcast of "Countdown '78", De Telegraaf published an article about the triumph of the trio. The three "Princesses of Dutch Pop" were shown in winter outfits in Verona, Italy where they gave a TV performance. At that time, "Greatest Lover" had already sold 1 million copies in Europe and "Trojan Horse" went quite the similar way. Between September and December 1978, the Luv' singers were very busy. They appeared on 29 TV shows in 9 European countries. Thanks to their popularity on the "Old Continent", Luv' had plans for the future: they wanted to conquer the US charts. They were in touch with two important American record labels to sign a licensing contract: Casablanca (Donna Summer, Village People, Kiss, Parliament...) and RSO (The Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, soundtracks of "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease"). Unfortunately, none of these companies collaborated with the ladies. Instead, they had a deal with Polydor USA which released "Trojan Horse" and never broke into the Billboard charts. 

Article written by Henk van der Meyden and published in De Telegraaf / Privé (December 29th, 1978)

Source: YouTube, Beeld en Geluid, De Telegraaf

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